Nut-Free Sticker Download

Print out this sticker for your child to take to school with their Luisella. It will let anyone know their spread is completely nut-free! We recommend sticking it onto their lunch box or Tupperware containers.

This will print perfectly on a sheet of 20 circular 2″ x 2″ stickers. Or you can just print them onto a large sticker sheet and print them as you would like!

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Healthy Holiday Swaps for you and your family

I don’t know about you, but for many of us it’s the same deal every time the holidays come along. We vow to resist all the goodies and stick to a plan of healthy eating to keep our energy, resilience and mood up for the crazy season. We try our best but always temptation comes along in the form of holiday parties, tasty gifts, and last minute, poor choice food grabs after long days.    There is something to be said for giving yourself a break and acknowledging that it is a difficult time and well…there’s always January. The holidays are after all meant to be a time of pleasure and indulgence. But before you throw in the towel completely…consider that sweet spot of conciliation, that harmonious state we are told daily to seek out…balance.   Here at Luisella, there is no doubt we all have our sweet…tooths…teeth(?) but the…

Palm Oil, Rang-Tan and our promise to you!

Orangutans were in the news a bunch last week, mostly one called Rang-tan. The little primate had earned the concern of a wee girl who had learned that his family was in serious trouble because of the palm oil industry. The little girl and the Rang-tan were part of an animated ad, originally created by Greenpeace and voiced by British actress Emma Thompson, that British grocery chain Iceland Foods was trying to air to bring awareness to the effects of palm oil farming (click to watch ad). The ad was not approved by the agency that gives the green light to ads that air in the UK because it was deemed too political. While the controversy largely sparked a discussion on political advertising in general, it also brought substantial chatter on the topic of palm oil and the impact it has on the environmental, social, and political health of the…