Our Story

When our founder, Patricia Di Chiara couldn’t find a chocolate spread like the kind she used to enjoy growing up in Italy that was safe for her son’s school lunch, she made her own!

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Patricia’s Story

“At Luisella Foods, we truly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious foods that are Safe, Healthy and Socially Responsible.

Luisella is named after my mother who gave me a lifetime of memories in true Italian fashion of sitting at her table watching her as she made healthy and delicious meals filled with love for her family.

mom feeding daughter luisella dipped strawberries

When I moved to Canada, I studied culinary arts and relished in the opportunity to feed my family, as my mother had, with nurturing food made with love.

It wasn’t long before I realised that the occurrence of serious allergies was far more likely in North America than it was in Europe and many of the treats we enjoyed so much in Italy were off limits for my son if he was to take them to school. I searched high and low for allergen-free, safe alternatives for many of these items. And when the search fell short, I decided to make my own.

Luisella Foods was born!

Patricia Di Chiara, Founder Luisella Foods

littlegirl eating pancakes with luisella and strawberries

Safe and Socially Responsible

Allergen Free: NO Peanuts or other Tree Nuts!
Ethical: We use only Fairtrade Cocoa in our spreads. Cocoa farmers are some of the most at risk food producers in the world.
Healthy: No MSG. Real Cocoa. Source of Fibre.
Environmentally Sound: BPA Free, and recyclable packaging.

Luisella on a bagel with pineapple and apples.

Giving Back

At Luisella we truly believe we are all in this together. Our promise to you is to continue to make wholesome, safe and delicious foods you love. Our promise to the planet is to do no harm and our promise to our community is to use our powers for good! By supporting us, you will be supporting our quest to help make sure all families can feel safe and well fed through initiatives such as the safe school programs, allergen awareness, school lunches and other initiatives.

The delicious treat you won’t feel guilty to eat

Why chose between taste and your conscience…or even your safety? With Luisella you don’t have to. Our delicious chocolate spreads are wholesome, natural and free from nuts, tree nuts, gluten, and preservatives. No brainer!