Dark Chocolate

Give in fully to the decadence of our Dark Chocolate spread. This silky and rich spread is even more chocolatey than the original.

Plant based and still chockablock full of healthful and tasty sunflower seeds, dark fair-trade cocoa and love, our Dark Chocolate Spread is a must have treat for anyone who loves chocolate. It is also completely plant-based, perfect for vegans and dairy avoiders.

Chocolate & Orange

Is there a better marriage than rich chocolate and zesty orange? We don’t think so. Meet the newest kid on the block – Luisella’s Chocolate & Orange chocolate spread. A blend of our plant-based, dark spread with delicious orange, this one is bound to become a family fave. Use as a dip for fruit, spread on all sorts of breakfast goodies, in smoothies, on ice cream or straight off your finger – nothing says good morning better than our Orange & Chocolate!


If creamy, rich and delish is your thing than this OG has you covered. Whether a go-to on your morning toast, piled high on a decadent pastry, or straight out of the jar, our original tasty and wholesome chocolate spread hits you with all the flavour you’re craving and none of the stuff you’d…ugh…rather not!

luisella original chocolate spread | made with sunflower seeds


Some say there’s a lot of different types of people out there, we say there are only two…crunchies or smoothies. When the only thing you want coming between you and your chocolate spread is more, this one is for you! Same creamy and delicious recipe but with a tasty crunch of roasted sunflower seeds – just let ‘em tell you it’s not the bomb!

100% nut-free luisella chocolate spread | crunchy | made with sunflower seeds


Who says kids get all the fun…it’s time to treat yourself! Adults, listen up! Luisella has a little something for you too. Decadent, rich and definitely grown up, Luisella with Espresso infuses everything from your morning ritual to dinner party treats with a little more sophistication. Go ahead, you deserve it!

100% nut-free luisella chocolate spread | espresso | made with sunflower seeds


Mmmmm…. what’s that we’ve added to our delicious spread? That mystic, aromatic king of spices, that’s as familiar as apple pie? Some call it cinnamon, we call it Mama Love! Take your chocolate spread obsession to the next level with our delicious twist on a family fave!

100% nut-free luisella chocolate spread | cinnamon | Made with sunflower seeds

The delicious treat you won’t feel guilty to eat

Why choose between taste and your conscience…or even your safety? With Luisella you don’t have to. Our delicious chocolate spreads are wholesome, natural and free of nuts, tree nuts, gluten, and preservatives. No brainer!