Dark Chocolate

Give in fully to the decadence of our Dark Chocolate spread. This silky and rich spread is even more chocolatey than the original.

Plant based and still chockablock full of healthful and tasty sunflower seeds, dark fair-trade cocoa and love, our Dark Chocolate Spread is a must have treat for anyone who loves chocolate. It is also completely plant-based, perfect for vegans and dairy avoiders.

Guilt Free Snacking is Here

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Sunflower Seeds

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Lunchbox Safe


Check out these amazing, mouth-watering creations you can make with Luisella Chocolate spreads and a little bit of inspiration…

Luisella Chocolate Orange Cake

Luisella Orange Chocolate Cake

Soft with a velvety crumb, unapologetically rich, & covered with creamy Orange Luisella

luisella chocolate spread blue berry parfait

Luisella Parfait

Whipped cream topped, smooth and tasty. Try with all 4 flavors

chocolate cookie made with luisella chocolate spread topped with icing sugar

Stuffed Cocoa Biscuits

Soft Biscuits filled with decadent cocoa, made with any of our Luisella flavors.

pancakes with luisella drizzle

Doraiaki Pancakes

These fluffy Doraiaki pancakes pair perfectly with all Luisella Flavors.

churro with luisella cinnamon dip

Dipped Churros in Luisella Cinnamon

Warm sugary, sweet churros, to be dipped and dunked in Cinnamon Luisella Spread.